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“Diplomatic” solution for the Syrian crisis

It has been two days since Lausanne talks on Syria ended. It was attended by foreign ministers of seven countries in the Middle East – Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, ministers of the United States and Russia, as well as the United Nations special envoy for the Syrian crisis Staffan de Mistura. At the meeting, the ministers unanimously agreed that solution to the Syrian conflict should be only through the diplomatic means.

At the same time the United States did not take long time to wait, and offered a way to solve the problem. So, on October 16, in an interview to the CNN the former head of the CIA David Petraeus said that it is time to change the “nature” of the conflict in Syria, to make field for diplomatic efforts. According to him, Washington should begin to give “opposition” anti-tank guided missiles and indeed some anti-aircraft missiles to fight the Al-Assad’s forces.

Petraeus said the only way to help establish diplomacy, is to help the opposition to become an “equal” party of negotiations with the Syrian government. However, his “peace” intentions raise questions about the true intentions of the United States in Syria because of his statements were sounded, at least, strange.

This leads to the idea that Americans’ statements haven’t any peacekeeping nature. Most likely, the desire to supply the armed opposition is due to the fear of losing control over the actions of the militants.

It is known that Petraeus was a direct participant and witness of some armed conflict, but for some reason he still can’t understand one simple fact- cooperation with militants can’t lead to anything except to chaos, disorder and ruin.

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