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Mosul and Aleppo: what’s the difference?

Previous week, the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Washington and its allies consider the Mosul offensive to be one of the turning points in the fight against the Islamic State.

It should be mentioned that Mosul has a lot in common with Syria’s Aleppo. Both cities with the population of more than one million are captured by terrorists, in both cases government troops are striving to free them.

But as for Aleppo, the US and its Middle East allies are attempting to do anything they can to curb the government forces offensive. Washington claims Damascus is attacking not militants but civilians. As far as Mosul is concerned, Americans are trying to portray the attack as a liberation.

One may ask then: what’s the difference between Aleppo and Mosul? Why is the West once again implementing the policy of double standards?

As known, the Mosul “defenders” don’t include the so-called “moderate” opposition e.g. the US-backed militants. Meanwhile, in Aleppo the government troops have to fight the terrorists whom Washington keeps calling the “moderate” opposition.

However, can those who shell living districts and prevent civilians from leaving the city be called “moderate”opposition?

Moreover, Washington keeps accusing Damascus and its allies of the fact that their planes are allegedly striking civilians. Along with this, the international coalition keeps bombing Mosul without paying attention to whether there are victims among civilians.

Besides, Inside Syria Media Center earlier reported that the US and Saudi Arabia created the so-called “humanitarian corridor” for Mosul. But this corridors seems to have been created for ISIS terrorists who can easily leave the city and move to Raqqa to fight against the Syrian government troops.

In their turn, many experts think that the Mosul offensive is one of the propaganda instruments of the Democratic Party at the elections.

That’s why, the West is attempting to portray two similar situations in different ways depending on what of the operations is good for it. Probably, the US is fighting not ISIS or other terror groups but Bashar al-Assad and his allies.


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