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What for does the West need civilian hostages in East Aleppo?

Almost a week ago, Damascus declared the “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo. Within this operation, which ended on October 23, neither ground military operations nor airstrikes were conducted. The Syrian authorities state that government jets still don’t get close to the city. But terrorists who captured Eastern Aleppo have numerously shelled both the humanitarian corridors and living districts.

The main goals of the humanitarian pause were the “moderate” opposition’s withdrawal from Aleppo and saving the lives of civilians. Meanwhile, in three days, few residents were able to leave the city. However, SANA agency reported yesterday that 48 people used the humanitarian corridor. Defended by the Syrian troops, the civilians could exit Aleppo and reach safe areas.

One may ask then: why such a low number of civilians have left the city? The answer is simple: they are not allowed to do this. Earlier, Syria Inside Media Center reported that the militants opened fire at the humanitarian corridors and at those who attempted to use them.

Locals say that terrorists routinely use civilians as human shields against the Syrian aviation and threaten them to make them stay. Those who agitate the residents to flee are executed. Unfortunately, the more civilians stay in Aleppo – the better for the militants. That is why the West instructed them to prevent the residents from leaving by all means including deterrence.

Obviously, this situation is extremely useful for the western coalition: civilians who stay in Eastern Aleppo “tie the hands” of Damascus and its allies as it’s severely difficult to use aviation in such conditions. Moreover, it becomes much easier for the western media to portray the Syrian government as “criminals” who allegedly bomb their own citizens.

It should be mentioned that Aleppo is a part of the West’s information campaign against the Syrian government and its allies. The West keeps blaming Bashar al-Assad for “outrages on humanity.”

For instance, on October 23 Voice of America published an article which read that the Syrian AF kept ‘carrying out airstrikes at living districts’ although the Syrian government claimed the last airstrikes had been conducted about a week before. Meanwhile, the US-led international coalition keeps indiscriminately bombing Mosul which results in casualties among civilians. But in western countries, this topic is either not covered or is presented as a part of the coalition’s “Liberation.”

An important part in the information campaign against Bashar al-Assad play some NGOs including a “humanitarian” organization named White Helmets (Global Research earlier published a detailed peace on it). This organization is accusing Damascus of crimes against humanity but actually it’s just an information influence instrument of Jabhat al-Nusra. Many Helmets’ volunteers explicitly express their allegiance to other radical groups sponsored by western countries and their Middle East “teammates.”

No one doubts that the western coalition is carrying out a large-scale information campaign against the Syrian government and its allies using a wide set of instruments. These include NGOs and terror groups. But most important is that in order to reach its goals and turn into reality its ambitions, the West is exploiting the state of civilian hostages in Aleppo.

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