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The truth about the American media: everything at stake for their benefit

According to the Nation, American politicians and the media are constantly changing the rhetoric of their statements in the United States in the situations, when it suits them. And sometimes it is diametrically opposite. There is the main task, which is pursued by the media: do not miss the opportunity to address the audience with allegations of someone. They study the public opinion and change the views of common citizens.

Thus, the American interpretation of the events in Aleppo was radically and  miraculously revised in recent weeks. US President Barack Obama was willing to carry on the joint military operation against the terrorists with Syria and its allies a few weeks ago. However, the deal fell through mainly because of Washington after the American airstrike on the positions of government troops to the south of the airport in Deir ez-Zor, the article says. Although the Syrian military operation with the aim to establish peace in Aleppo continued Washington and the US media are now all declaring to the whole world that Damascus allegedly fights not the terrorists but only destroys the “opposition”.

So where did the word ‘terrorists’ go? This word had erased from the American rhetoric, and now Syria is accused of implementing war crimes in Aleppo for the operation in which the United States should act as a real peacekeeper, the author notes. It is obvious that neither the politicians nor the media in the United States is worried about what is currently happening in Syria. Moreover, even the humanitarian pause organized by the Government of Syria did not cause approving statements in political and media circles, as it is contrary to the general US strategy.

For example the so-called “opposition” kills dozens of civilians, mostly innocent women and children in the areas of Aleppo uncontrolled by the government forces. However, most people in the US do not even know about it. Not only simple Americans, but even the presidential candidates do not know what is now going on in Syria: when asked about Aleppo Senator Gary Johnson admitted that he had never heard of it till now. He first heard such a word! May be he doesn’t know about such words as ‘terrorist’ or ‘IS’?

Instead the US media paint as the incredible success the operation on liberation Mosul. However, it has already claimed many lives: dozens of civilians became the victims of the bombardment of the international coalition led by the United States. In particular on October 21 the School for Girls in the south of the Iraqi city came under attack of the coalition.

We can state with assurance that the American media canalize its energies from contributing to the tension in the spirit of cold war to blatant lie. US media centers are actively misleading the country’s public opinion with false statements and misrepresentation of facts guided only by selfish interests of Washington’s dominance in the Middle East region.

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