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Last chance to win: the militants use prohibited methods

Militants in Aleppo have used chemical weapons. Terrorists have fired on the positions of the Syrian army and militia to the south-west of the city using poison gas. Some representatives of the militia told Inside Syria Media Center about this fact.

The tabbouleh salad of insurgents and terrorists have been attacking the positions of the government troops to the south-west of Aleppo for the third day. Army and militia managed to repulse first and second waves of the sudden militant’s offensive. In order to consolidate the position during the offensive the brutal killers have used chemical weapons in the area near the Assad Academy. They have fired self-made rockets with poison gas. The situation and the symptoms of the affected have been analyzed at present in order to conclude what kind of chemical gas was used. Fierce fighting continues between the Syrian army and the insurgents entrenched in the eastern districts of Aleppo.

Those militants  remained in Aleppo who hadn’t respond to the several proposals to surrender and receive amnesty. It is clear that the Aleppo’s fight is becoming more aggressive, severe and violent. The terrorists won’t stop at nothing to turn the initiative and start their own large-scale offensive. They are always ready to use chemical weapons even against civilians because don’t know what the international humanitarian law is.

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