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Humanitarian Pause in Syria’s Aleppo Broken

Announced on November 5, 2016 humanitarian pause in Syrian Aleppo was once again broken by militants. The radicals from Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, whose positions are in the eastern part of the city conducted mortar attack on the humanitarian corridor near the Castello highway in the north of Aleppo.

Because of the rebels repeatedly have refused to respect the ceasefire, leave Aleppo and release their hostages, the breakdown of the humanitarian pause was awaited. Moreover, recently militant group Jaish al-Fatah tried to break through the encirclement and conducted massive shelling against positions of the Syrian army in south and south-west of the city. However, despite of the fact that the Syrian army managed to stop the advance of militants, they are continuing to regroup near the village of al-Mansur. Apparently, it may indicate that the militants are preparing for a new attack on the positions of the government army.

In turn, the reaction of the White House to events in Aleppo is quite strange. The U.S. Department of State is increasingly criticized Syrian government and its allies but not terrorists’ attacks. Thus, during a regular briefing John Kirby said the “humanitarian pause in Syrian Aleppo is useless for civilians.”

In addition, the White House wants to wishful thinking and continues to assert that the Air Force of Syria and its allies conduct massive airstrikes on Aleppo, which entail the death of the inhabitants of the city. It is worth noting that making such statements, Washington again proves that it hasn’t any accurate information about the real situation in the city, while it has not appeared any military aircraft for 19 days over Aleppo.

Over time, it becomes clear that despite of the efforts of the official Damascus, militants do not leave their hopes to win the decisive battle for Aleppo and spread chaos in the country. Unfortunately, in doing so, their “influential patrons”, who are hoping that they are able to realize their “Middle East” scenario, constantly help them.

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