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US special forces in Mosul became cannon fodder

As known, Washington intends to end the liberation of Mosul as soon as possible. As New York Times reported, earlier 560 elite special forces troopers were sent to Iraq.

According to western experts, special forces are actively taking part in the operation because it’s not only necessary to re-capture Iraq’s second largest city against the background of Presidential elections but also due to the fact that Iraqi troops and Kurdish militia can’t cope with their mission. However, US special forces aren’t omnipotent and are suffering heavy losses.

Our sources in Iraq state that the casualties of American troops are constantly growing: today the number of killed reached 20 while the number of wounded rose to 32.

All of this happened against the background of the ISIS counter-offensive. According to Al Jazeera, to the east of the city, militants are attacking the coalition troops using mortars and car bombs. Thus, the US special forces, fighting in the front line side by side with the Iraqi army and Kurdish troops, take the brunt.

It should be mentioned that US troops are getting killed and wounded not only during artillery and mortar shellings. According to reports, two commandos were killed by friendly fire when American B-52H aircraft carried out air strikes at the suburbs of Mosul. All of these facts reveal there is a lack of coordination between US troops.

It came out that 101st Airborne Division and 1st Mechanized Division of the US Army were involved in liberation of Mosul. On October 17, the American channel WKRN reported that 101st division’s soldiers were playing an active role during the offensive on the Iraqi city. Besides, local citizens also confirm this information saying that American special forces are arriving in Mosul areas wearing black uniform with 101st division’s patch.

It may be possible, though, that US Marine Corps is also fighting in Mosul.

In October, Foreign Policy’s author Paul Mcleary posted on his Twitter account a photo of an American armored vehicle. This vehicle’s index is similar to those used by American Marines.


US armored car in Iraq (same index as used by US Marine Corps)

Actually, the US is building up its forces. As Fox News reported, from April to September this year, Washington deployed 1,175 soldiers in Iraq.


The official twitter account of Fox News: US Troops in Iraq

Obviously, the White House was planning to end the liberation of Mosul by the US presidential elections. However, the clashes for Iraq`s second largest city are going on not according to the plan. Soldiers are killed and this happens because Americans are using their soldiers as cannon fodder in an attempt to achieve their goal.

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