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Will Donald Trump Fulfill His Promises on Syrian Crisis?

Republican candidate Donald Trump scored a decisive victory against the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections held on November, 9. Although the presidential race largely consisted of bitter exchange and personal insults between the two candidates, the real conflict between Trump and Clinton lies in their different agenda and approaches towards the U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

During his campaign Trump has openly declared the U.S. policy in the Middle East and North Africa ‘failed’. He stated that Iraq and Libya were thrown into chaos after Washington’s intervention in their internal affairs. He also supposed that the same scenario could unfold in Syria if the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is ousted from power.

There is little surprise that the new president has announced his intention to significantly change Washington’s policy toward Syria. At the beginning of the current year Trump has labeled simultaneous fight against ISIS and Assad as ‘idiocy’. According to him, the real danger to the U.S. is presented by the global threat of the ISIS terror group, not the Syrian government. Trump has also assured that he would normalize relations with Damascus and its allies who are genuinely interested in the settlement of the Syrian conflict.

The American mogul has also admitted the need for separation of moderate opposition from terrorists, stressing that the White House continues to provide the militants with weapons and money despite having ‘zero knowledge’ about which opposition groups are actually moderate.

It’s naive to expect that Trump’s victory will drastically change the situation in Syria for the better. It’s still unclear if he will succeed in bringing his plans to fruition, considering that his word are widely criticized even by fellow Republicans, non mentioning the Democrats and government officials in general. It means that placing the hopes on the army’s successful actions is still the safest bet for the Syrian people.

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