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Monthly “Made in Syria” festival showcases variety of products at affordable prices

A wide range of food, clothes, plastic products, perfumes, detergents, stationery and cosmetics showcased at the monthly shopping festival “Made in Syria” which kicked off Saturday at al-Jalaa sports complex in Mezzeh area in Damascus with the participation of 125 national companies.

In a statement to journalists, Minister of Industry Ahmed Al-Hamo highlighted the importance of the festival in terms of items and products offered at affordable prices to meet citizens’ needs.

He noted to the Ministry’s continuous support to industrialists to provide them with all necessary requirements in order to continue work and production, adding that the discounts help manufacturers increase their sales volume on one hand and enable low-income citizens to buy what they need on the other one.

In turn, Chairman of the Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry Samer al- Debs said that this is the 30th session of this monthly festival organized by the Chamber of Industry in Damascus and other provinces, indicating to the wide participation of private industrial sector, side by side to the General Consumption Establishment.

He noted that the festival allows direct communication between producers and consumers, not to mention the reasonable prices and discounts which exceeded 50% on some products, including textiles.

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