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Staffan de Mistura Must Go

On Tuesday, November 15, in his interview to BBC, UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura responded to criticism, saying that due to his efforts the situation in Syria is still on the agenda and the country hadn’t turned into another Somali.

De Mistura’s statements can cause only astonishment. Could it be true that without his “efforts” the international community would have forgotten that Syrian civilians are killed every day? Because of the militants’ criminal activilies, the level of the terrorist threat has sky-rocketed and “moderate” opposition is still continuing to overthrow the legitimate government.

De Mistura’s recent statements in the media raise doubts on his true intentions to help Syrians. Yesterday, the UN-backed humanitarian task force access in Syria, issued a report which stated that the UN humanitarian convoys weren’t able to reach Syria in November 2016. The reason is lack of security guarantees. However, the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria delivered 3.5 tons of humanitarian aid in November.

In addition, there is an impression that the Special Envoy is interested in helping the opposition fighters. For example, Staffan de Mistura, actively campaigned for the withdrawal of fighters from Aleppo. Moreover, on October 6, he even declared his readiness to escort Jabhat Fateh al-Sham fighters if they want to leave the east of Aleppo along with their weaponry. At the same time, he acknowledged that the evacuation of militants from the eastern Aleppo may require formal guarantees from the Syrian government and its allies. De Mistura’s initiative points to his personal interest in the salvation of the terrorists who carried out daily punitive actions against the war-weary people.

Recently de Mistura said that the military successes of Syrian Army can significantly strengthen ISIS. He acknowledged that the fight against terrorism, of course, should be the most important one in the Syrian conflict. However, it is necessary to find a political solution to fight against ISIS, and it should be achieved in cooperation with “moderate” opposition.

It became clear to everyone that there are sound reasons for the petition for Mistura’s resignation published by the Syrian people and addressed to UN Secretary-General. It has been signed by more than 11 thousand people. It is obvious that de Mistura turned out to be incompetent in the settlement of the Syrian conflict. It is not surprising that the Syrian people are tired of listening to his empty promises and hypocritical statements, and stand for his early resignation. Syrians hope that the new Special Envoy will be able to find effective settlements of the armed conflict.

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