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Aleppo, Capital of Syrian Cinema Festivity kicks of next Tuesday

Activities of Aleppo, Capital of Syrian Cinema for 2016 Festivity will be kicked off next Tuesday at al-Shahba Hotel in Aleppo.

The festivity, which will last to 30th of November, is organized by the Ministries of Culture and Tourism.

The festivity aims at supporting Aleppo city’s steadfastness and restores its glory. The Festivity which includes a number of activities, will coincide with opening film book, magazines and publications, issued by the Ministry of Culture and the Cinema Establishment. A number of films will be screened during the event.

At the beginning of 2016, the Ministry of Culture approved the convening of culture capitals in the Syrian Provinces, naming Damascus as capital of Music, Aleppo as capital of Cinema, Homs as capital of Story, Hama as capital of Plastic Art, Tartous as capital of Poetry, Daraa as capital of Arabic Calligraphy, Lattakia as capital of Novel,,

Quneitra as capital of Literature of Resistance, Damascus Countryside as capital of Sculpture and Hasaka will be the capital of Literary Criticism.

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