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Lebanese Special Forces Detained ISIS Militants on the Border

According to Al-Watania, a Lebanese special forces conducted an operation to capture ISIS militants in a mountainous area of Dzhurud on the outskirts of the eastern part of the city Ersal near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Lebanese commandos arrested one of the leaders of the Islamic State terrorist group Ahmed Yousef Ammun wanted by the INTERPOL. It is worth noting that the terrorist was one of the main ISIS experts on car-mining and is responsible for Islamic state’s activities in northern Lebanon and on the border. Ammun was injured during the arrest and another 11 terrorists with him were arrested. We have also finded out that on the militants’ base the stockpiles of explosives and ammunition were found.

In addition, there was a shootout between the militants and the Lebanese military near the refugee settlement of Wadi Aranib not far from the Lebanese-Syrian border. The cases of terrorists’ transfer from besieged areas of Syria to areas with less intensity of combat have risen. Apparently, this fact has a link with the operation of capturing the fighters.

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