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Syrian Army in Aleppo Defeated the Main Stronghold of Terrorists

VIDEO: In Ceasefire, Syrian Army Strongly pursuits Taking Down Terrorists

Syrian army conducts large-scale offensive against the radical groups in the eastern part of Aleppo to deprive terrorists of the tactical advantage.

Government troops have almost completely recaptured Masakin Hanano which is the quarter in the east of Aleppo. Radicals had the main stronghold where. It looks like 80% of the area has already been liberated and that the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive in Aleppo’s districts is successful.

Currently fierce fighting have been going on for the district of Ard al-Hamra in the north-eastern part of the city, as well as for the height of Jabal Badr. Thу сontrol under the areas will allow the Syrian army to put an end to regular mortar attacks provided by the terrorists on Neirab airport.

In a separate development one more offensive was launched in a number of other areas of the city, which caused the desertion of the militants. Obviously, they were unable to build a new line of defense and soon we can expect their complete defeat in Aleppo.

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