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Resistance was broken near Damascus

According to Inside Syria Media Center, members of armed groups accepted the conditions of the Syrian authorities on Saturday and to leave one of the most active points of their resistance in the Khan al-Shih 26 km south-west of Damascus.

Government forces encircled Khan-el-Sheikh in early October. In two months the militants repeatedly attempted to break through the defense lines in several ways. However, the terrorists did not manage to leave the area. Worse,  their escape route to the Jordanian border had been completely cut off.

Last week Syrian Arab Army (SAA) found in the Khan al-Shih a network of underground tunnels with a total length of about 700 meters that have been used by the terrorists to store and deliver arms and ammunition to the places of subversive activities to the south-west of Damascus. Government forces took the control under one of these underground facilities which helped to capture а group of insurgents. After being interrogated the extremists provide some information about the location of another network of tunnels connecting the city with the settlement of Marana near West Ghouta.

The siege of Khan al-Shih by the government forces continues for more than 50 days. In the case of withdrawal of fighters from this point, almost all the areas in the south-west of Damascus will be taken under the control of the SAA.

Despite all the contradictions between the militans and the government the latter offered a chance to stay alive. Under the terms of the ceasefire agreement the Islamist groups agree to leave all the positions held, as well as to hand over all of their heavy and medium weapons to the government troops. After the city will completely be under the control of the Syrian army the insurgents will be able to take advantage of the amnesty or will be deported to the province of Idlib under the control of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham group.

The success of the government forces in the Damascus district will allow local residents to stop being afraid for their lives and boost the morale of the Syrian armed forces.

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