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Humanitarian Convoys Should be Inspected for the Civilians’ Safety in Aleppo

According to a deputy of the Syrian Parliament Jamal Rabia, Damascus and Moscow claimed about the necessity to coordinate humanitarian operations in eastern Aleppo. This was due to the fact that under the guise of the UN and benevolent intentions, third parties via humanitarian convoys may try to deliver ammunition and weaponry to militants.

This statement looks extremely important if we considered that on November 27, in the interview to Al- Arabija Qatari Foreign Minister, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said that Qatar intends to continue to arm groups of the Syrian opposition, even if the new US administration makes a decision to suspend this support.

That is why both sides agreed on the need to inspect and verify trucks with the humanitarian aid. This measure will prevent all cases when trucks deliver the things which are intended not for the Syrian people, but for the militants.


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