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Syrian Army Saves the People from Militants

According to Inside Syria Media Center, yesterday, on November 27, about 1,000 civilians, 119 of whom are children, managed to flee from militant-controlled eastern districts of Aleppo.

In addition, recently there are many conflicts between the various gangs in Aleppo. This is because of the fact that some of the militants who control the eastern districts of Aleppo, expressed a desire to leave the city, and the most radical groups prevent this. It should be mentioned that in addition to civilians, the eastern part of the city was left by more than 100 militants who laid down their arms and surrendered to the government troops.

Obviously, all this became possible only due to the efforts and successes of the Syrian army. It is known that militants in Aleppo previously repeatedly rejected all the Syrian government’s suggestions to leave the city, but lately those who want to save not only their lives but also the lives of their families. This became an important psychological factor in the militants who fled from Aleppo.

It should be mentioned that there is an amnesty concerning all the members of armed groups who laid down their arms signed by Assad. And it is likely that this circumstance will strengthen the desire of the militants to their lives and leave eastern Aleppo.

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