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Turkish General Staff: Air Force killed 11 terrorists in northern Syria

In northern Syria as a result of the Turkish Air Force’s operations 11 ISIS militants were killed. This was stated today by the Turkish General Staff.

Within the framework of the military operation “Euphrates Shield” there have been conducted two operations in Baratah, Al-Dana and Zarzur in northern Syria. The Turkish Armed Forces attacked four shelters. In addition, with the help of drones two transport vehicles were also destroyed.

It should be mentioned that earlier Turkish President Erdogan announced the main aim of the operation against terrorists. It contains the liberation of the area of 5 million square kilometers from terrorists, and the establishment of safety zone for the accommodation of the refugees. However, judging by the developing events, the Turkish authorities have taken control over much larger area. It seems that Turkey, under the guise of the fight against ISIS actually pursuing its own selfish aims.

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