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Bashar Al-Jaafari Defends Its Country

On November 30, at a meeting of the UN Security Council Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said that the appeal of some Western countries to hold an emergency meeting reflects only their willingness to provide political and moral support to armed gangs and terrorist groups in Syria.

Al-Jaafari stressed that French and British Ministries of Foreign Affairs, the US State Department, didn’t plan to help civilian population from Aleppo, although they have recently claimed that all their actions are aimed at protecting civilians. The diplomat added that instead of providing humanitarian aid, they aren’t getting tired to discuss new sanctions against the Syrian government and its allies.

The diplomat noted that the liberation of civilians from Aleppo is an essential merit only of the government forces and their allies, and that it was thanks to them that people have hope for salvation and life.

Addressing the representatives of Security Council member countries, al- Jaafari recalled the proposal of Staffan de Mistura on the establishment of autonomy in eastern Aleppo. He said that Western countries sympathetic to the militants, which they have been indulging for the past five years, and they should establish an autonomous area in Europe, America or elsewhere for the militants.

In addition, the diplomat confirmed the willingness of the Syrian government to eliminate terrorism and to implement a political solution to the crisis. Jaafari also said that only the Syrian people must appreciate the future of their country without any outside interference.


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