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ICRC: Mosul’s Recapturing Won’t End Soon

ICRC international committee’s director of operations Dominik Stillhart on Dec. 1 said that at a conservative estimate of the experts Iraqi government operation on liberation of Mosul may take more than a month.

He noted that the nature of the campaign shows that the battle for Mosul will not end soon.

There is a major risk of a long and lingering operation, which will lead to severe challenges for the population caught once again in fight between the two opposing forces. This is evident if only from the fact that the situation in Aleppo. It should be recalled that more than six weeks have gone since the beginning of Mosul’s campaign.

Stilhart added that the Iraqi government is counting on the fact that residents of the city will remain inside their homes ASAP but on the background of aggravation of the situation more and more people are trying to make a safe getaway.

Thus, the operation lingered will entail an increase of refugees’ flows trying to save themselves. Mosul could eventually become the second Aleppo where tens of thousands of civilians have already suffered from the hands of terrorists.

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