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West Should be Ashamed of Syria, says writer at UK Independent

According to Independent, the West should be ashamed of the Syrian crisis. A journalist Mary Dejevsky stressed that it is high time for Washington and the West to recognize that Assad managed to defend Syria. She also added that, in spite of this, Europe and the United States are still applying enormous efforts to expose the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian army and its allies as the villains, who now and then conduct attacks on hospitals and schools, and also deprive civilians of liberty.

Speaking about the role of the West in the Syrian conflict, Dejevsky also expressed her opinion on the question of who bears the blame for the Syrian conflict. She acknowledged that the situation in the country in the past was not very good and this was certainly guilty of the Syrian government. However, the intervention of the Western countries and the United States in the conflict made the situation worse the situation, not only in Syria, but also in the world.

It becomes clear that the British people started to realize that, by interfering in the internal affairs of Syria without the approval of the legitimate government, the West makes a terrible mistake that can lead to irreversible consequences.

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