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Summary of armed clashes: insurgents shell living quarters in several governorates

According to the information of Inside Syria Media Center, within last 24 hours 37 violations perpetrated by illegal armed formations have been registered in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Hama, Latakia, killing 6 people and wounding about 22 others.

In the Aleppo province armed formations of terrorists of Fatah Halab have fired antitank grenade launchers, mortars and small arms against Sheikh Saeed, Ashrafiya, Binyamin, Ansari, 1070, Karm Jazmati, Sheikh Hader, Salah ad-Din, Dahiyat al-Assad, Carton factory, al-Assad military academy and area of the Kastello trade center in the Aleppo city.

In the Damascus province armed formations of the Jaysh al-Islam grouping, which had claimed to be the opposition one, have fired against Haush Nasri, Harasta, Arbin, Qabun, Bleliyah, Jaubar and al-Wafideen refugee camp.

In the Dara’a province terrorists have shelled Dail and Hirbat Gazala.

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