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Syrian opposition’s response to the offensive in Aleppo

According to The Washington Post, the ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition is considering the possibility of closer cooperation with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Now Bashar al-Assad’s opponents are afraid to remain without the US support despite the fact that the CIA began secretly shipping lethal aid to the rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad three years ago.

It is worth mentioning that the newly elected US president stressed he adheres completely opposite position on Syria. The more so, Trump noted that it is necessary to stop the supply of weapons to the Syrian opposition because the US has no understanding of what they (opposition) really are.

Left without support the ‘moderate’ opposition actually gives equal other like ISIS terrorist groups’ rights to itself. Realizing the complexity of the situation and the fact that Syrian opposition’s war crimes would never be forgotten and forgiven its leaders began to look for alternatives.

First of all, the rebels’ agenda is a close alliance with the better armed Al Qaeda and other extremist groups. A massive outflow of the fighters from the ‘moderate’ opposition to such groups as Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and ISIS contributes to this step. Thus, the opposition finally will show the world its true face.

Among the other goals indicated there is the willingness to do it’s best to purchase more powerful weapons as heavy and as much as possible from the Sunni Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Such weapons, perhaps, would be able to turn the tide of the war and to force the government troops to retreat suffering heavy losses.

In addition in the ranks of the rebels there is a perception of changing the tactics of warfare. It is planned to use the traditional methods like involving more snipers and using subversion activities.

On whether the opposition leaders are able to carry out at least one of the options above the outcome of the government troops’ operation on Aleppo’s liberation and the outcome of the civil war in Syria in general will depend on.

It is clear that the Syrian government should take into consideration all the possible scenarios and be prepared to conduct preventive measures as fully depressed and demoralized opposition could take absolutely inadequate steps. Army is trying to accelerate Aleppo’s capturing that might radically change the balance of power.

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