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The Progress of the Syrian Army

The representative of the Syrian army, General Samir Suleiman announced that for the past 3 weeks Syrian governmental forces, have taken under control over 50% of the territory in the eastern part of Aleppo. In the nearest future it would be able to advance.

During a clash dozens of soldiers on both sides were killed and wounded. According to the General, there were still about 250,000 civilians on the territory which was seized by terrorists.

Gen. Suleiman said that before the crisis Aleppo was the largest city and trade – industrial center of Syria. For the last 4 years the city was divided into 2 parts. Since early September, the Syrian government forces with the assistance of its allies were able to move to the east of the city and went to a large-scale offensive to regain full control of the city. At the same time the Syrian officials declared that since the middle of November more than 300 civilians were killed in rebel-held areas.

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