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The U.S. Tries to Save the Syrian Opposition and Calls to a Political Settlement of the Crisis

During the conference, which was held on December 4 at the Washington Institute name of Brookings, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that a political solution in Syria will be “still possible” only when the “moderate opposition” will be integrated into the negotiating process and become part of the future government.

Thus, John Kerry tries to move the idea that for the resolution of the Syrian conflict, the opposition must be a full-fledged part of the state.

However, on the basis of a temporary truce, we can conclude that the so-called “moderate opposition” does not differ from the radicals. And the desire of the West to empower people who are killing their own people, only shows the desire by all means to save at least part of the rest of the opposition, which the US supports from the beginning of the Syrian crisis.



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