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Contradictions of China and Britain in the UN Security Council

On December 5, there was a meeting of the UN Security Council held. Moscow and Beijing have blocked another one draft of the resolution on the humanitarian situation in Aleppo. The introduction of a seven-day ceasefire was among the key items of the Resolution. The representatives of Russia and China suppose voting was held in contravention of Council’s regulations and the draft of the Resolution itself is hasty and useless. In addition, Venezuela refused to adopt the document while the rest of the UN Security Council members supported it.

Yesterday China’s permanent representative to the UN Liu Jieyi urged his colleagues to keep the unity on the Syrian issue. He also asked the British representative Matthew Rycroft not to distort the positions of other countries and don’t ‘poison the atmosphere’ on the Council.

In his turn, Rycroft couldn’t understand the Chinese side, who vetoed the draft Resolution on Aleppo. He also believes Russia and China imposed the veto only because they sympathize with the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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