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Syria Condemns ICRC Stance Towards Shelling in Aleppo Against Russian Field Hospital

On December 7, Syrian Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad in a telephone call with Marianne Gasser, the ICRC'S head of delegation in Syria said, that the Syrian government condemns the shelling of a Russian mobile hospital by militants in Aleppo which caused the death of two Russian nurses who were killed while performing their duties. At the same time he incriminates countries which support terrorists. He also said that these countries were responsible for this heinous act.

He added that the statement of ICRC about the death of nurses in Aleppo contradicted the spirit and context of Geneva treaties and the International Law, affirming that such statements distance from fairness or neutrality to which the ICRC should keep.

Finally Mikdad stated that Syria was determined to secure all demands of good life for the civilians in eastern Aleppo.


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