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UN envoy Staffan De Mistura searching for ‘some kind of formula’ for Syria

According to a brief report in Reuters on December 3, UN Special Envoy Staffan De Mistura hopes to find a “some type of formula” which will stop the terrible battle in Aleppo. He addressed an audience at an international conference on the future of Syria in Rome (web link:

Despite Staffan de Mistura has been putting a very good show of being interested in peace on the Syrian soil for a long time, he however neither at the conference during the press conference preceding it did the United Nations’ envoy on Syria suggest any realistic way to solve the problem of Syria. It would appear that de Mistura just does not semblance of a “formula”, or if he does, he is not sharing it. It is worth mentioning that all of its initiatives during the past two years to bring peace to Syria have ended in failure.

While searching for an elusive “forumla”, de Mistura is effectively opposing any real chance for peace. He noted that although the United States and Russia are both fighting against the Islamic state, they back opposite sides in the war in Syria.

Recently, de Mistura tried to allay EU’s fears that President-elect Donald Trump could strike a deal with Vladimir Putin over Syria. This has entered the realm of possibility due to the Republican candidate’s election victory and the successful operations of the Syrian army in and around Aleppo. A positive outcome of the negotiations on Syria would benefit the people of Syria and the government Bashar al-Assad. But the ‘rebels’ are being supported by the West and it is unacceptable for the European Union’s business elites who have invested a lot in ‘the Syrian project’.


The formula is one: blood is the key of success

After analyzing recent statements by de Mistura, it seems that he doesn’t understand the general direction of the Syrian conflict to say nothing of of having a ‘private line’ for its resolution. Thousands of Syrians are still held captive in Eastern Aleppo by the terrorist groups of Jabhat an-Nusra, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, Ahrar al-Sham and others. For months, these civilians have turned to the UN special envoy in expectation that he could use his influence to establish a dialogue between the Syrian government and the militants. But de has instead given over to making meaningless statements and ignoring the Syrian government’s proposals to organize the humanitarian assistance into Aleppo through protected corridors.

De Mistura contributes in every way to the continuation of the war and is trying to disrupt a agreement between Moscow and Washington, what could stop the conflict. The UN special envoy appears determined to pursue the narrow interests of those who wish to see a continuation of the conflict, that is, the United States and the European Union. Witness the statement of the U.S., Britain, France, Germany and Canada on December 7 which calls for a ‘freezing’ of the situation in Aleppo and blames the Syrian government for the violence brought into the country by foreign intervention.  People are dying every day because of de Mistura’s failure to act decisively for peace. The exact numbers are difficult to calculate.

It seems that nothing can push special envoy to promote the cause of peace and justice. Perhaps such an attitude to the Syrian problem is based on the diplomatic immunity and on the fat bank accounts. Syrian people are tired of the war in Syria and hope that the newly elected UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres will decide on the resignation of de Mistura and someone else to be a real advocate for peace and reconciliation.

A petition on is calling for Staffan de Mistura’s resignation and has been signed by nearly 25,000 people. The petition concludes:

“The Syrians are tired of war and have almost lost their faith in the UN as an influential international organization that would be able to restore peace. That is why we demand that de Mistura must be removed from office and a new UN Special Envoy for Syria appointed. We deeply believe that a person of high professional skills and influence should be appointed to this position. These qualities will enable him to bring all the sides interested in putting the end to this purposeless massacre to the table and convince them that a compromise settlement can only be reached via mutual incentives.

“This is the only way to bring long-anticipated peace to Syria!”


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