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Washington doesn’t Want to Abandon its Plans in Syria

According to the White House press office, on December 8, President Barack Obama stated that he lifted all formal restrictions on the supply of weapons to US allies fighting against terrorism in Syria. He explained that it concerns the supply of “military equipment” and funding partners who prepare the anti-terrorist campaign in Raqqa.

It should be mentioned that according to the US legislation, the term “military equipment” actually means any military product. And the term “allies” fighting terrorism can also mean various armed groups.

Washington once again has misinformed the international community. First, on December 7, a US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said that Washington would not supply lethal weapons to the Syrian opposition. He added that the decision of the White House can’t influence the willingness of others to help the Syrian “moderate” opposition. The next day, Obama lifted all formal restrictions and said that the weaponry would be supplied. Naturally, such inconsistent statements of the White House administration have caused misunderstanding and confusion among the main participants involved in the solution of the Syrian issue.

According to a number of experts, the US President’s decision to lift the restrictions isn’t aimed at fighting terrorism. Rather on the contrary. Obama did not specify who exactly the “allies” of Washington are. Except the members of the international coalition it could be “moderate” opposition that conducts daily attacks on the positions of the Syrian army. Moreover, it is holding hostage thousands of people.

Certainly, Washington’s desire to fight ISIS terrorists looks very commendable. However, it should take into account that the Syrian government did not give Washington its permission to conduct any anti-terrorist operations, so any operations of the US-led international coalition in Syria are absolutely illegal. This is a clear violation of international law.

Apparently, Washington is still obsessed with its world domination. Even despite the fact that the term of office of the current president comes to the end, he is trying not to deviate from “the plans” under the guise of good intentions. It only remains to hope that Donald Trump will be able to correct all the mistakes of his predecessor.

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