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Is There a Possibility of a US-Russia Agreement on the Withdrawal of the Opposition from Aleppo?

According to Reuters, there is an agreement in the works between Russia and the United States, which will guarantee the safe withdrawal from eastern Aleppo city for all the participants of combat. The agreement would be good for 48 hours.

The news report says that the Syrian opposition militants are to leave the city with small arms through specially created corridors. It also says they will leave Aleppo without heavy weapons. In accordance with the agreement Al-Nusra’ fighters would also be allowed to exit. A corridor leading to Idlib province will be provided for these purposes. Other opposition’ organizations will be able to determine the route of evacuation themselves, including in the direction of the  Turkish-Syrian border.

According to Inside Syria Media Center, 728 rebel militants left the eastern districts of Aleppo on December, 12. Despite the lack of progress in talks between the US and Russia there is a trend here for solve the problem of the terrorist’s safe withdrawal. On that basis, we can assume that the normalization of the situation in Aleppo and militant’s withdrawal is possible without the participation of the American side. The terrorists themselves are keenly aware of their diminishing prospects should they remain in Aleppo.

It is likely that the United States will insist on unacceptable proposals for a cease-fire and will once again try to win a full freedom of movement for its proxies. Consequently, we can’t predict the prospects for any joint proposal with the militants. Eventually, the terrorists will leave the besieged areas with the aim of saving their lives of themselves and those of  their families and gaining an amnesty to legalize s new-found status.

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