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Syrian Troops Evacuated 80% of Palmyra’s Residents

According to Wall Street Journal, on December 11, the Governor of Homs province Talal Barazi said that the Syrian government forces managed to evacuate 80% of Palmyra’s residents. According to him, the top command of the Syrian army had taken a decision to withdraw troops from the city only after the evacuation of civilians. At the same time al-Barazi voiced concern over the plight of the residents remaining in Palmyra.

According to reports, the soldiers of the Syrian army managed to repel two massive terrorist attacks. However, because of the numerical superiority of the fighters managed to invade Palmyra only from the third attempt.

Currently, the Syrian army, backed by Russian Air Forces conducts a fierce defensive battle with the ISIS militants. In this regard, the Governor expressed his hope that the control of Palmyra will be restored in the near future.

It should be mentioned that on December 10 ISIS terrorists conducted an attack on the Syrian town that was liberated by the Syrian army in cooperation with the Russian Air Forces in late March. Nowadays, the situation in Syria is not so catastrophic for the government forces. The Syrian army is still maintaining the main road in Palmyra, and that’s why the terrorist environment of Palmyra is impossible now.

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