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US statistics on humanitarian conditions in Syria and Iraq cause serious doubts

A US military official told CNN on Dec. 9, that the international coalition in Iraq led by the United States has killed at least 50,000 Islamic State fighters since the beginning of operations in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

According to the representative of the U.S., armed forces “the 50,000 casualty number is a conservative estimate” (what does it mean remains a mystery).

Should we trust the data presented by US officials, given the slow pace of retaking Mosul from ISIS by the US-led Joint Task Force? It seems that the only answer for this question is “no”. Inside Syria Media Center has already published investigations confirming the unreliability of the information, which the official US sources usually publish. These articles indicate a serious distortion of the facts and figures. For example, the US has under-reported the losses of life among Syrian and Iraqi civilians as well as the data on the actual numbers of the US Army combat casualties during the latest international coalition’s military operations in the Middle East.

What’s more, spokespeople of the US State Department cannot get facts straight concerning the living conditions of civilians. Elizabeth Trudeau said on December 8, that the people of Aleppo have not received aid deliveries since July 2016:



How is it possible for a US government official such as Ms. Trudeau to distort the facts so wildly? There is a great deal of information available about the thousands of tons of humanitarian aid that has been provided by the Syrian government since the beginning of Aleppo’s liberation. As well, the national government in cooperation with the allies in Syria, has organized a great many aid convoys. In reality the State Department’s spokesman was referring to the fact that Western countries still haven’t organized meaningful humanitarian aid for Aleppo, all the while misleading the world as to who has been doing so.

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The Syrian government and its international allies have been providing humanitarian assistance in many cities and provinces in the country.

There is a strong presumption against the authenticity of Trudeau’s details. Even the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini condemn these facts, overestimating  hugely that humanitarian aid to Syria is provided solely by the EU during the ‘Willy Brandt Lecture’ at Humboldt University on Dec 7, 2016:


However her information that only the European Union has been providing humanitarian assistance in Aleppo is a blatant lie, too.

The US and other Western countries are providing official information every day that is more and more questionable in its accuracy. US officials regularly draw upon so-called “open” internet sources. But there are, in fact, merely non-governmental organizations allegedly ‘on the ground’ in Syria and Iraq. For example, US officials frequently cite the foreign-funded ‘White Helmets’ agency as one of the sources of ‘credible’ information. But the White Helmets are coming under increasingly critical examination by foreign policy analysts. [weblink of the investigation:].

Among ‘open sources’ commonly cited by Western governments are dubious social networks run by ‘volunteers’. How can the reliability of their data be proven? As a rule, they are anonymous (therefore not “open”) bloggers, who have no relation to what is really happening in the hotbeds of tension.

Because the US State Department often bases its statements on such unreliable  sources, its figures are not based on real statistic data. The staff from various US agencies picks and chooses their ‘information’, according to their preferences. They present events in a false light, distort facts and mislead public opinion. The aim is to influence the way people look at the world and bring them to a pro-Western outlook.


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