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Syrian Army Sends Reinforcements to airbase near Palmyra

According to Inside Syria Media Center, the Syrian government determined to send additional forces of the Syrian Arab Army from Aleppo to airfield T-4 which is located to west of Palmyra. Especially, a Special Forces unit known as Tiger Forces was sent to the airfield.

Towards the information, the most violent clashes between the government forces and ISIS terrorists are now being held near the airbase. Earlier Inside Syria Media Center reported that the wave of ISIS militants’ attacks had been successfully repulsed, and their attempts to capture the roadway to the airfield was failed.

It is interesting to note that the residents of Homs, Hama, Latakia, Tartus and Damascus have difficulties with electricity supplies as the oil fields in the north-west of Palmyra have been captured by terrorists. The command of the Syrian army supposes that the additional forces will assist to take control over the oil fields.


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