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Turkey to Keep Supporting the Syrian Opposition

Yesterday, the Syrian Army Command announced the SAA had gained control over the whole territory of Aleppo. The city’s residents were able to return to peaceful life and the shellings of living districts stopped.

Meanwhile, the last militants of the so-called “moderate” opposition keep surrendering or leaving the city through humanitarian corridors. Currently, more than 1,500 terrorists refused to continue fighting and took advantage of Bashar al-Assad’s decree on amnesty.

However, those who don’t surrender flee either to the south east or north of Aleppo – towards Turkey. Ankara is known for its support of various groups of the so-called “moderate” opposition. Thus, the Turkish city of Kilis hosts an Arab and Western intelligence personnel-staffed Military Operations Center for the Free Syrian Army and a training camp for militants.

Besides, the media have numerously reported that Turkey not only trains terrorists but provides medical service for them. For instance, in May, 2016 it was revealed that ISIS terrorists underwent expensive medical treatment in Turkish hospitals. It would be reasonable to suppose that the fighters of other groups opposite to Damascus become the patients of hospitals in Turkey.

Moreover, Ankara keeps building up the number of facilities to support the terrorists. Yesterday, in his Twitter statement Mehmet Simsek said that Turkey was going to set up an additional camp allegedly for 80,000 refugees. But it also can accommodate the militants who left Aleppo.

Thus, the Turkish authorities have confirmed once again that they will maintain the support for terrorists who kill Syrian civilians. Taking into consideration Erdogan’s recent statement that the purpose of Euphrates Shield operation is to topple Bashar al-Assad, it becomes clear that Turkey is impeding a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis.

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