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500 Families Left Captured Palmyra

On December 14, the Spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric informed journalists that more than 500 families left Palmyra which had been captured by ISIS militants. All of them were evacuated to Homs and other Syrian towns, where they were supplied with all the necessary.

Recently the UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura stated that up to 20 per cent of the Palmyra’s population had remained in the town at the time of a new attack and then 80 per cent of them were evacuated.

Let us remind you that on December 11 ISIS militants with the connivance of the US-led international coalition moved from the Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor to the western part of Homs province. And after two days of continuous clashes they managed to seize back control of Palmyra. According to different information, in the storming of Palmyra attended from 4 to 5 thousand ISIS terrorists, including hundreds of suicide bombers and dozens of armored vehicles.

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