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Does the UN want peace in Syria?

Yesterday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry published a statement claiming that some statements of UN representatives are expressing support for terrorists, not civilians.

The Syrian statement may have been provoked by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. In a statement reported on Reuters, he said the planned ceasefire for Aleppo on December 13 was disrupted by Syrian Government forces and the resumption of extremely heavy bombardment and its allies was almost certainly a violation of international law. However, it’s clear that Al Hussein was unaware of the real situation.

His words followed ceasefire violations in which the terrorists occupying eastern Aleppo broke the agreements for them to leave the city. They took advantage of the truce, regrouped and restarted fighting.

The stance by the UN official undermines the peace process in Syria. Damascus and its allies are trying everything possible to reach a lasting ceasefire in Aleppo, free the city of extremist militants and give the city’s residents a chance to return to everyday life. But the West seems not to be able to admit the defeat of the so-called “moderate” opposition it has been supporting.

This view was expressed by Syrian Foreign Ministry in a statement which read, “The regimes in France, UK and the US, as well as their tools in the region like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, which financed, trained and armed the terrorists, can do nothing but to hurry up and rush to offer their last services to those terrorists before their collapse in front of the strikes of the Syrian army, people and friends of Syria.”

Meanwhile, the militants still are not focused on complying with the ceasefire agreement. Even Turkey, which supports a number of Syrian opposition groups, drew attention to the fact that terrorists keep attacking convoys set up for their own evacuation.

It’s unclear why the UN criticizes not the militants, who earlier agreed to leave Aleppo. But President Bashar al Assad intends to stop the bloodshed as soon as possible and prevent more casualties among civilians.

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