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Syria participates in international Islamic unity conference in Tehran

The 30th International Islamic Unity Conference kicked off in Tehran Thursday morning with the participation of Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun and the presence of Syria’s Ambassador to Iran Dr. Adnan Mahmod.

The three-day conference entitled “Unity and Necessity of Confrontation with Takfiri Movements” discusses the role of Takfiri trends in sowing discord among Muslims, the role of colonialism in disintegration of the Muslim world and the necessity of facing these trends for the unity of the Islamic nation.

The threat posed by Takfiri terrorists to hinder mobilizing ranks for liberating Palestine, the Zionist entity’s use of Takfiri currents, the need to study the false thought and psychological conditions of takfiris for confronting them and the role of media in facing these currents are among topics of the conference.

Delegations from 60 different countries are participating in this conference.

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