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Washington’s Ambiguous Statements about Syria

Against the background of the Syrian army’s successful actions in Aleppo Washington officials do not cease to surprise with their statements.

The commander of the US-led international coalition in Iraq, Gen. Stephen Townsend during the briefing by video link from Baghdad said that the completion of the fighting in Aleppo significantly complicate the situation for the US-led coalition because of the release of militants from the city. However, general could not bring any arguments in support of his statement.

In addition, on December 14, in an interview to CNN, Stephen Townsend said that Syria and its allies “will have to conduct the counterattack against ISIS in Palmyra.” Later, he added that if they do not, the United States will take all measures to protect its troops.

It should be mentioned that Gen. Taunsent gave a direct order to suspend the operation against ISIS in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor to spring. According to the former ambassador of Iran to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Sabbah Zangyane, that Washington actually untied the hands of terrorists, who managed in a short time to transfer considerable force in Palmyra area. However, it is still unclear how it was possible for more than 4 thousand militants to secretly move at such a long distance (200 km) with lots of military equipment.

There is no any evidence that the United States supported ISIS yet, however, as we know, there are no coincidences in the war. It is clear that Washington will not tolerate the Syrian army successes and will do everything thing to destabilize the country.

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