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Militants sabotaged Aleppo evacuation process

According to the Al-Ikhbariya newspaper, the withdrawal of militants and their families from Aleppo's eastern neighborhoods was suspended as the jihadists opened fire in residential areas and tried to seize hostages. It is reported that terrorist groups had shelled the Ramuse area, from which the buses were supposed to leave to Idlib. It was also reported about several explosions. Simultaneously with fire in Ramuse, militants opened fire in Al-Fu'ah and Kefrayya. After these events the Syrian government troops were sent to Ramuse.

During the first day under the militant’s withdrawal agreement, 9 convoys removed 6,462 people, including more than 3,000 militants. Meanwhile, a source in the headquarters of the Free Syrian Army, said that the terrorists who had remained in Aleppo took up defensive positions and bombed residential neighborhoods.

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