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The UN Security Council is due to vote to send UN officials to Aleppo

On Dec. 18, the UN Security Council is due to vote on a French-drafted proposal of the Resolution to send UN officials to Aleppo so that they could monitor evacuations from the Syrian city and the protection of civilians who remain.

The text of the draft asks UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to “redeploy the United Nations humanitarian staff already on the ground to carry out adequate, neutral monitoring, direct observation and to report on evacuations.” According to the Resolution, Ban Ki-moon in turn should report back to the council on the resolution’s implementation within five days after it is adopted.

Earlier on December 17, Syria’s state television said that the evacuation is still suspended until the armed opposition allows residents of two besieged Shi’ite villages Fua and Kfarya to leave.

It is expected that the Council will be ready to convene and to decide on the draft in the morning on December 18. There is a possibility that the Resolution would be resolved unanimously. It seems that it is a sensible initiative which is not containing hidden dangers for all the negotiators. France recently has proposed several drafts but they didn’t accommodate the interests of all the sides. Some aspects of the French proposal were questionable, including the prospect of quickly redeploying the monitors.

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