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382 Militants and Their Families Left Aleppo

According to Inside Syria Media Center, within the past 24 hours, under the militant’s withdrawal agreement a group of 382 militants and their families had left the town. All of them were evacuated to the south-west of the province, where they would be provided with the necessary assistance. Five militants including two wounded refused to leave the territory of eastern Aleppo and left the bus.

It is noted that the withdrawal of militant’s remaining group from eastern Aleppo had postponed for two days. Throughout this time the bus drivers were expecting orders at evacuation point in Ramuse neighborhood.

In two days about 9,500 people were evacuated from eastern part of Aleppo. Meanwhile a group of terrorists refused to leave Aleppo.

After the Syrian Army started Aleppo liberation operation the militants through intermediaries establish contact with the Syrian governmental forces and declared their readiness to give up and leave Aleppo, if they would be provided with safe corridors.

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