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Foreign Spies are Trying to Leave Aleppo with Militants

While speaking at the meeting of the UN Security Council, Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari declared, that a great number of foreign intelligence and military officers were trying to leave the city together with so called “moderate opposition” militants.

According to Jaafari, this includes military and intelligence officers of different countries. The full list of special agents is as follows: Murtaz Oglacan Oglu, a Turkish national; David Scott Winner, an American national; David Schlomo Aram, an Israeli national; Muhammad Sheikh Al-Islam Al-Tamimi, a Qatari national; Muhammad Ahmad Al-Sabyan, Abd Al-Monaem Fahd Al-Hrej, Ahmad bin Nawfal Al-Drej, Muhammad Hassan Al-Subay’i, Qassem Saad Al-Shummari, Ayman Qassem Al-Tha’libi – all Saudi nationals; Amajd Qassem At-Tyrawi, a Jordanian national; Muhammad Al-Sharifi Al-Idrissi, a Moroccan national.

During the question and answer session Bashar Jaafari told journalists that the all of them would be captured and presented to the international community.

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