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Militants’ Sponsors Must Bear Responsibility for Syria

In Cairo, December 20, it was held a regular meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League. During the meeting the Arab League countries confirmed their commitment to the independence and territorial integrity of Syria. In addition, the participants were actively discussing the question of who should deal with the problem of the country’s recovery.

It would be logical to assume that the responsibility for this should be taken by all those who were involved in the financing of the so-called “moderate” opposition, which has destroyed most of the Syrian cities. According to WikiLeaks, more than 60 per cent of the US Department of Defense spending for sponsoring the opposition groups come from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. In addition, the fact that the Gulf monarchies are supplying militants with money and weaponry was repeatedly stated by the representatives of the Syrian government and independent experts.

In turn, the representatives of these countries are constantly trying to place responsibility for the actions of the militants on the Syrian authorities. Thus, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir stressed that the “regime” of Bashar al-Assad carries the responsibility for what is happening in Syria. However time usually puts everything in its place. After the Syrian army’s defeat in Aleppo, it became clear that only due to the efforts of the government and its allies tens of thousands of civilians were saved.

Yet, the Gulf and western countries are not going to give up supporting the Syrian opposition, but this can change quite soon. Amid the success of the government troops in Aleppo, it becomes obvious that jihadists failed to meet the expectations of their sponsors.

Besides, recently, Europe which has always supported the Syrian opposition witnessed an increasing number of terror acts. Thus, a 23-year-old Pakistan refugee stole a truck and ploughed into the crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin. 12 people were reported dead and 48 injured.

Though ISIL claimed responsibility for this act of terror, no one can guarantee that next time a former member of a West-backed group would carry out another act of terror. Now, Europe was unable to protect itself from the threat it created.

Instead of blaming Damascus, the sponsors of the Syrian opposition should admit that their plan on toppling Bashar al-Assad failed. Now, a compromise to solve the Syrian crisis must be sought, including the redirection of the financial aid for militants on restoring peace in Syria.

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