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Witnesses report of Aleppo’s liberation

All this time from the beginning of the greatest offensive launched by the Syrian government forces in Aleppo we witness a storm of indignation from the Western countries.They stubbornly ignores the significant efforts made by the Syrian authorities to rescue civilians including the introduction of humanitarian pauses, organization of humanitarian corridors, and delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Well, how about looking inside Aleppo? Can we imagine the true life of common people?

A reporter Vanessa Beeley have published friendly and happy faces of the local residents. Take a look at the happiest month in their life in slideshow. This is the result of December:

According to Aletho News, this video is in honor of all those who have suffered in East Aleppo under the Nusra Front regime funded by the NATO and Gulf states and imposed upon Syria and its people in order to bring about “regime change” and to achieve the US alliance geopolitical aims in the region and to strengthen Israel in the Middle East.

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