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The US State Department is disappointed with the results of their work on Syria

Speaking at a briefing the US State Department’ spokesman John Kirby summarized the work of the Department on settlement of the conflict in Syria on December 22.

Had analyzed the situation on the ground he acknowledged that the country’s diplomatic efforts in this area have not led  to a success, pointing out that the US Secretary of State John Kerry was also disappointed with such a situation and stressed that the single, more secure and better Syria is not created despite the efforts of his country, Kirby said.

The spokesman added Kerry would continue its efforts in this direction as he plan to achieve “some progress” in the coming weeks.


Despite the recognition of its own failures, the State Department continues to insist that the creation of the US-led international coalition is a success. However, given the repeating “mistakes”, this success is questionable. The Independent reported that an air strike carried out by Turkey, a member of the coalition, on the city of al-Bab Dec, 22, resulted in death of more than 40 civilians. All this confirms  not the effectiveness and success, but rather  complete lack of coordination inside “the largest international coalition in history.”

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