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The West and the Middle Eastern Monarchies Must Restore Syria

According to Israel Hayom, the Syrian war is a “regional war with an international character”, which extremely depends on the external actors now. That is why there is a question of who must be responsible for the situation in Syria, and who must rebuild the country. According to many experts from the Middle East, the responsibility for the restoration of Syria should be placed on those countries that have provided direct support to the militants and terrorists.

It is known that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf monarchies have been funding and supporting radical groups. Of course, the blame for the situation in Syria lies on the shoulders of the West. It defended the interests of the militants and paid no attention to the suffering of Syrian civilians for a long time.

However, nowadays it becomes obvious that it is necessary to change the the policy pursued by these countries in the Middle East for a real settlement of the situation in the country. On December 16, the US President-elect Donald Trump said that the United States should help the Syrian people. He promised to organize humanitarian safety zone in Syria and make the Gulf countries to pay for it. Under these countries Trump had in mind some influential sponsors of the so-called “moderate” opposition.

It should be mentioned that the position of Donald Trump is supported by the French Foreign Ministry. In October French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault stated that the European Union and a number of Middle Eastern countries should be financially responsible for the restoration of Syria.

It is obvious that those parties that primarily protect the interests of the Syrian militant groups are beginning to realize that they are responsible for the current situation in the country. And, perhaps, their participation in the restoration of Syria is only a matter of time.

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