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Western Media Became Jihadists’ Tool for Propaganda

On Sunday, the Independent published an article on western journalists’ activity in Aleppo. Patrick Cockburn, its author, claims that western media operate only with the permissions of Jabhat al-Sham and Ahrar al-Sham groups. Moreover, the situation is the same on the whole territory of Syria.

Terrorists kill or kidnap those foreign journalists, who might report objectively, to create “a vacuum of information”. Instead of them, “local activists” who are under jihadi control become news sources.

All of these led to western media publishing the information favourable for the terrorists. The western audience is deprived of a possibility to get unbiased information on Syria. That means the media promote only one point of view – this information stream may be characterized as propaganda.

And this propaganda is explicitly sponsored by the countries supporting the opposition. Cockburn writes that, according to one journalist who left Syria for Beirut, he was offered $17 thousand per month for taking part in a project backed by the British government.

Besides, referring to International Amnesty, Cockburn notes that not only media workers but also local citizens are under threat – they “live in constant fear of being abducted if they criticize the conduct of armed groups in power or fail to abide by the strict rules some have imposed.”

The columnist notices several Syrians who expressed their discontent with the opposition groups’ activity. For security reasons, he doesn’t reveal the real names of these people. In 2015, one of political activists set up peaceful protests in support of the 2011 uprising. Al-Nusra jihadists didn’t like it, they caught the young man and tortured him.

A lawyer from Idlib also told the journalist about terrorists’ atrocities. He said that he published a post in Facebook criticizing the opposition and was immediately detained.

International Amnesty reports there have been lots of similar cases. However, no light ever is shed upon them in western countries.

Unfortunately, western media became a source of propaganda of the so-called “moderate” opposition by publishing the information from militant-controlled sources they cannot verify and ignoring the atrocities terrorists commit.

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