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Obama to Supply Opposition with MANPADS?

On Friday, Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act that would let the US government send anti-aircraft missiles to militants fighting the government forces in Syria.

Though the 2017 NDAA requires the Pentagon and the State Department to file documentation with Congress, “including an explanation of the purpose and expected employment of such systems,” it becomes clear that MANPADS will be provided to jihadists without any exception.

The West expected such terrorist organizations as Al-Nusra to defeat Damascus and its allies but militants lost Aleppo and were ousted to Idlib province. Obviously, this can hardly satisfy Obama’s administration that made heavy investments in supplying the jihadists in Syria.

With the new NDAA adopted, the US leaves the door open for intensifying the Syrian conflict. We can only hope that the president-elect Donald Trump will introduce big changes into the US foreign policy and stop supporting the terrorists.

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