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One of ISIS Field Commanders was Killed in Palmyra

According to Inside Syria Media Center, on December 24 during fierce fighting between government troops and ISIS terrorists in the east of Homs province, 20 militants including one of the field commander’s Abu Bakar Hafiz were eliminated.

Also, during the assault on T-4 airbase, a car rigged with explosives was destroyed. The SAA was able to destroy the car before it came close to its positions. The clashes are still going on. Mass casualties of both sides are reported.

T-4 airbase is on the frontline of the government troops towards the city of Homs. Having captured Palmyra, terrorists advanced 90 km towards Homs. Now, there is a threat that they would seize the town of al-Karyatein and keep attacking the SAA positions by Palmyra.

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