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The Marsh of Disagreement: From Berlin to Aleppo

According to Inside Syria Media Center, some EU activists are to hold a march in support of the international humanitarian operation. Common EU citizens are going to make a nearly 3,000-kilometer trek from Berlin to Aleppo. The route will pass through such countries as the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, and Syria in the end. The beginning of the civil march in support of Aleppo’s people is scheduled on Monday from Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport, now serving as home to hundreds of mostly Syrian refugees.

Polish blogger and journalist Anna Alboth was among the first to call on for the initiative. The woman seeks the ways to show European politicians that a serious humanitarian catastrophe threatens Aleppo while the officials of the European Union continue to be indifferent to the problems of peaceful Syrian citizens. The journalist addressed the audience to join the march, so that everyone could actually show its concern to the problem.

Anna Alboth and her friends have announced their plans in Facebook last month. More than 13,000 people have already expressed support for the initiative, and more than 2500 have declared they were going to join. It is expected that at the very beginning about 3,000 people will be attended in the action but many of them are planning to pass over only the first step till the border of Germany.

The journalist says the initiative is not related to any political party or organization, but may unite EU citizens, who seek the ways to increase pressure on  #polipoliticians turning the blind eye to the humanitarian problem. It seems that instead of politicians, common Europeans began to think about the crisis on the Syrian soil.

After Turkey and Russia persuaded the warring parties to agree with the cease-fire last week, tens of thousands of civilians from the eastern part of Aleppo were evacuated. Nothing prevents EU from delivering aid. However, almost all European countries except the Czech Republic and Serbia have not made any serious efforts yet to deliver humanitarian aid to the liberated areas of Aleppo. Meanwhile, according to the UN, at least 300,000 civilians in Syria are still in need of humanitarian assistance.

Syrian people always welcome initiatives on helping the victims of the war. And the action proposed may really attract the attention of the international community to the problems of the Syrians and help to rebuild the country, so that Syrian refugees could return back to their homes.

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