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More Than 2000 Saudi Arabia Subjects Fight in Rank of Islamic State

On December 26, interior ministry spokesman General Mansour al-Turki said, that more than 2,000 Saudis had joined different terrorist organizations all around the world and 70% of them (1540 people) fought in Syria. According to al- Turki, they joined the ranks of IS at the beginning of 2014, when terrorists seized control over the vast territory of Syria.

Another 147 subjects of the kingdom fights in Yemen, which is the base of ” Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”, 34 people allegedly are in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and five people  are in Iraq. The location of another 297 subjects is unknown.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia does not suppress information that it’s eager to remove current Syrian President Bashar Assad and lends support to militants. However, Saudi Arabia insists on lending support to so called “moderate opposition”.



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